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The kitchener stitch may also be used for repairs or alterations in garments. Sew the stitches from the two needles together, as for the kitchener.

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When you need a very stretchy bind off (especially good for a rolled neck edge), this technique is great for controlling your tension.


Kitchener stitch bind off purl soho. Russian grafting is a method of joining live knitting stitches and is used as an alternative to kitchener stitch in our argyle christmas stocking pattern. Thread yarn tail onto a blunt tapestry needle and. Bind off loosely using the stretchy bind off method as follows:

The kitchener stitch is something i can only do when watching a video. Repeat rows 1 and 2 two more times. Transfer all of the knit stitches to one needle, and behind this needle, place all the purl stitches on a second needle.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It is a good choice here because the stripes on the toe would not align exactly if you grafted using kitchener stitch, so the decorative russian grafting is. But if you get it right, it looks amazing.

If the coming up stitch is knit, then do (purl off, knit on). See pattern notes for where. Although it is possible to use the kitchener stitch to graft ribbing or purl stitches, it is most commonly used to graft two pieces stockinette stitch together.

Knit purl hunter, knitting is my passion. Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest Speaking of video tutorials, though, i do have a tutorial from purl soho on the kitchener stitch.

The border is joined with the kitchener stitch, which i’ll admit is my least favorite thing to do. Continue in stitch pattern row 1 (wrong side): Insert the needle into the first stitch on the front needle as if to knit, while slipping it off the end of the needle.

The result is a smooth and seamless join. Put the swatches right sides together so that the two needles with the swatches on them are right beside each other. Do (knit off, purl on) or (purl off, knit on) depends on whether the coming up stitch on the front needle is knit or purl.

By elizabeth sullivan july 07, 2017 4 comments. Using a tapestry needle, the tail is woven through live stitches to join them in an action that duplicates the knit or purl stitch. I still don’t know if the working yarn has to come from the back needle or not.

The kitchener stitch is really a bit of knitting magic. Similar to the kitchener stitch seam, this technique seamlessly connects stitches from the right and wrong side of the fabric.the result is a clean, rolled looking edge with a professional finish. Join two ends of a tube seamlessly and easily with this video!

Pass the tapestry needle through the second stitch on your lh needle. It’s often used to close up the toes of socks or shoulder seams, (among other things). In purl soho’s video (below) they use an unattached piece of yarn, so i assume it doesn’t matter.

Pattern featured is the october 2013 kal, colormatic. Insert the needle into the next stitch on the front needle as if to purl, but this time, leave it on the needle. Oh, and remember to get another straight needle.

Do (knit off, purl on) repeatly. May 21, 2015 by knit purl. P6, [p1 wrapping yarn twice, p8, p1 wrapping yarn twice, p3] 5 times, purl to end.

The kitchener stitch is a way to graft live stitches together creating a seamless join. The tubular bind off is a sewn bind off which creates an invisible edge on 1×1 ribbing that perfectly matches the tubular cast on. If you're familiar with the kitchener stitch, you may prefer to work this bo in this way:

Hold right sides facing out and have the same number of stitches on both needles. Three needles bind off garter stitch (knit stitch) step #1. Gently pull the yarn through.

If the coming up stitch on the front needle is purl, then do (knit off, purl on). Jasmine scarf~begin in stockinette stitch co 74 sts. If you used the provisional cast on, you can skip the below steps and instead, remove the provisional cast on row, pick up the live stitches, and use kitchener stitch to bind off.

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