Kitchenaid Oven Not Heating Up After Self Cleaning


Blew thermal fuse on the heating element and the control panel thermal fuse on kitchenaid double oven eugene m. Clean only parts listed in manual.

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So, kill the power to the oven, and pull the oven out, and take the back panel off.

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Kitchenaid oven not heating up after self cleaning. If the lever is in the “locked” position, it could be keeping the oven door from closing completely. • centennial, co • september 05, 2015 appliance: I have a kitchenaid superba oven model kebc107kbl0.

The following are some of the main causes and well as solutions for this issue: Do not let water, cleaner, or any other liquid enter slots on the door frame. The display switches to lo after any initial setting (like 350 c) and the heat never comes on.

(3.8 cm) area around the inside oven cavity frame, being careful not to move or bend the gasket. Waiting to unlock the oven. Xw5000833 in january of 2009.

Now in the middle of the back side there is a thermostat. I was advised to turn off all power to the oven for 5 minutes and then turn it back on and that it might reset and work again. After i did this, the oven would not heat up.

We purchased our kitchenaid wall oven model kebc147vss00 serial no. Yes, sometimes, an oven may stop working after the process of self cleaning. If you suspect the oven thermostat is at fault, replace it.

After running a clean cycle for about 1 1/2 hours my oven will not heat. The basic idea behind a self cleaning oven is that it becomes so hot that the heat itself cleans off. At least on my oven, when you select clean the time comes up to 3:30.

To get rid of small splotches and stains, wipe down the interior with a scrub pad soaked in warm water and dish soap. However, it occurred to me that if the cleaning cycle were shortened the oven might get hot enough for long enough to clean itself without heating up so much that it burned out the safety fuse. After cleaning kitchenaid oven model kebc107kss05, got error… after cleaning kitchenaid oven.

Push the bake button on the front display panel and press the arrow keys to raise or lower the current baking temperature. When we tried to use the oven to bake again, the oven would not heat up. Just as in normal baking you might see some fogging of the inner door glass during the cycle.

This started to happen 2 days after a self cleaning session (not sure if it is related). The igniter draws electrical current through the oven safety valve to open it and ignites the oven burner’s gas. Once you’re done, pat the inside dry with a paper towel.

This is happening as water is heated and is normal for it to fog the door surface, which is below the dew point of the air inside the oven cavity at first. To help you diagnose the problem we’ve identified some of the common parts that may be the cause like the door latch or the oven thermostat. However one problem which is often observed with them is oven not working after self cleaning.

Check the circuit breaker to see whether it has been tripped. The wires and the thermal fuse are the most at risk, but even items such as the control board of your oven can be damaged by the residual heat. The common theme is that the self clean feature was just used on the oven, and now it is not working, the glass broke, no clock, door won’t open, door won’t close.

The serial number is xm1201125. Your oven isn’t filthy, but it’s by no means as spotless as you’d like. The first thing we need to do is establish if the board is bad.

These are some reasons why your oven is not heating up; A defective heating element or a loose connection in the oven could trip the circuit breaker. If there is fogging of the oven door glass, while performing a aqualift ® cleaning cycle, don’t worry.

When i set the oven to bake @ 350, the temp indicator stayed on low, oven not heating. Due to its complexity, the oven thermostat is difficult to test. Kitchenaid superba oven not heating up.

It is possible for the oven thermostat to function properly for baking and broiling but not for cleaning. During and after use, do not touch, or let clothing or other flammable materials contact heating elements or interior surfaces of oven until they have had sufficient time to cool. Check that you have set the temperature correctly on the kitchenaid appliance’s oven temperature control if it the oven is not baking correctly or heating as you would like.

If the igniter is damaged, it will fail to open the safety valve correctly or fail to ignite the gas. The basic idea of a self cleaning oven is to get the oven so hot that you incinerate everything that is in the oven.

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